Boudoir Photography

To many photographers and models, boudoir is regarded as an art form, and is not seen as artistic nude or explicit nude photography.  It is rather seen as a sensual romantic style of photography.
So what does it entail and who should do it?

The dictionary translates the word Boudoir as –a woman’s bedroom or a private sitting room.  Therefore, Boudoir Photography usually takes place in a private setting such as a hotel room or a bedroom.  An intimate setting gets created to make sure the photographer captures classy images that can be sensual, sexy, soft, romantic and naughty.
Boudoir as an art form became a prominent movement starting around 1900.  Boudoir sees resurgence through photography as the perfect gift.

Did you know that Bridal Boudoir Photography is fast becoming the most sought after wedding gift?
Maybe you thought of this as a personal gift to the special person in your life.  Or even the perfect give to yourself?
Boudoir Photography gives you freedom.  The freedom to truly express yourself with a photo session designed especially for you.  Lighting can be soft, gently sculpting your body’s form, creating very feminine and romantic images.  The main focus of a Boudoir Photographer is to capture youin the most flattering way by guiding you through the poses that compliments your body type.

So coming back to the first question.  Who should go for Boudoir Photography?

  1.  As mentioned a woman that wants to surprise that someone special in her life with a unique and personal gift.

  2. A lady that needs a confidence boost.  Why should only models have all the fun?  Well now it can be you looking back from a sexy picture.

  3. A lady that wants to capture her beauty forever.  30 years from now a boudoir photo shoot will be proof of your hotness.  Let’s face it.  No one gets younger and a Boudoir Photo Album will be one of your most cherished possessions. 

  4. One very special way to celebrate a milestone birthday, maybe 30, 40 or even 50, is to reward oneself with a boudoir photography session. Many have come to the realization that this really is the best they are going to look and that they want to capture that. The desire to preserve that beauty is natural. Being able to have a photograph that will always remind you of how young and sexy you can be is wonderful.

  5. Why not just make it all about you?  A woman that is already confident and just wants to strut her sexy stuff in front of the camera and have some fun.

  6. A lady that has been married for a long time that wants to revamp her private life with her husband.

  7. Every woman is beautiful in her own special way and boudoir photography is there to help any lady from size 0 to 50+.  This means that pretty much any lady is a great candidate for a boudoir photography session.

Boudoir portraits as the perfect gift can be given in many forms.  Photos are not the only option.  Calendars’, T-shirts, mouse pads, coffee table albums or canvas wall portraits can be made to surprise that special one in your life.
Whatever you choose, I guarantee that you will not regret the choice to capture this very special time in your life, whether you share it with your partner or keep it just for yourself.

Kobus Schoeman
MegaPix Photography